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Riding the Andes by Bicycle

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Lago Llanquihue

I had a lovely couple of days ride skirting Lago Llanquihue from Osorno to Puerto Varas, where I would then meet up with my parents. This was definitely a great location for cyclists and also joined me up again to some of the route I rode in this region 2 years ago. That trip is partly what prompted me to come back and make this whole 9 month journey down South America.

The route took me through the small towns of Puerto Octay and Frutillar which border the lake. The communes were originally formed in the 1850s, when the Chilean government encouraged Germans (who were struggling to survive due to the effects of the industrial revolution in Europe at the time) to come and settle and develop the region. In Hamburg, the area was marketed as being ‘like Lake Geneva’ although when they arrived, the settlers found that life would be very harsh for a good while, as they cleared the land, built houses and mills, and began farming the land all from scratch.

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