Cycling above the Clouds

Riding the Andes by Bicycle


This trip is easily the most exciting and scary thing I’ve ever done, so I decided it was hopefully worthy of some of your hard-earned cash, to support these two excellent charities:

Hope and Homes for Children: Working to eliminate institutional care and transform the lives of 8 million children still in orphanages around the world (of which a shocking 80% are not orphans). Work has recently begun in South America.

The Bike Project: Refurbishing and donating bikes to refugees and asylum seekers in London, giving the freedom to travel and access the services they need. (Also having the patience and giving me the chance to volunteer and improve my much needed bike mechanic skills!).

To donate from the UK please visit:

From outside the UK:

A little more info about both below. All funds raised will go to these charities and not a penny towards funding the trip itself.

Please spread the word and give generously to help these organisations transform even more lives.

Your donations will mean a lot as I huff and puff my way along the Andes!




Hope and Homes for Children –


– Over 8m children round the world are confined to orphanages and denied a safe and loving environment in which to grow up.

– As many as 37% suffer violence or sexual abuse

– Those who survive a childhood in an orphanage are 500 times more likely to commit suicide than children who have grown up in families

– Some orphanages have mortality rates as high as 80%

The work of Hope and Homes for Children has so far transformed the lives of over 82,000 children and demonstrated the closure of 93 institutions across 9 countries. They are making change happen.

Watch this for an example of their work:



The Bike Project –


– 13,500 asylum seekers flee to London each year

– 27,500 bicycles are abandoned over the same period

Just one bike can save a refugee £20 per week on bus fares (£1040 a year).

1,3000 refugees received bikes in the first three years of The Bike Project. This charity is close to my home in London and on the Thursday volunteering evenings I’ve seen for myself the impact that this initiative makes both on local refugees and those who volunteer to support them.

If you’re a Londoner with an old bike you’re no longer using, please also consider donating it to The Bike Project.

Watch a short video about what they do and why here: