Cycling above the Clouds

Riding the Andes by Bicycle

Oh, the glamour!


Life on the road is all glamour it is;).  Here are our top moments so far…

1. Cooking our dinner (quinoa and veg stew I’ll have you know) in a toilet – nothing quite like it for that extra bit of flavour, mmmm!

2. DOGS! Actually, compared to my recent cycling trip to Romania last year, Peruvian dogs have been pretty tame by comparison. Still, I certainly had a ‘moment’ when 7 of these dogs ran out in front of me as I was huffing and puffng my way up the hill into Puno, with no hard shoulder and buses overtaking me on the other side…once I’d stared them down though they were nice as pie.

3. Pants – seeing as we’re travelling light, pants (knickers to our friends across the pond) get washed by hand pretty much every other day. At least we’re never left deliberating over what to wear in the morning.

4. Avocado, cheese, and tomato sandwiches – we’re pretty proficient at these now for lunch, with ingredients always freshly bought from a local market or small shop beside the road. Might just about stretch to tuna instead of cheese if you’re really lucky.

5. Juliaca – our favourite town to ride through so far;). A Brazilian couple we met at a nearby hostel described it as ‘Like India, with the noise, dust, tuk-tuks everywhere, cars honking, animals in the road, people selling stuff, you name it’.  It also has a black market every Monday giving the town an edgy feel. Still, years of London commuting has left us in pretty good stead to take this urban jungle in our stride.

6. Beers. Thanks to being general light-weights, a fate worsened by the altitude, we’ve managed to share one bottle of beer between us whilst on the road so far. Drinking in the local store from semi-clean cups as the sun went down – now this did feel like a real treat.

2 thoughts on “Oh, the glamour!

  1. Great to get an update from you girls, so proud of you and excited to get to follow this adventure. Lots of love from dirty polluted London! πŸ˜‰


  2. Don’t remember that cooking tip on wild camp survival from Ray Mears? πŸ˜‰


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